Costumes in Concert III

OCTOBER 29, 2022

2:30 PT / 4:30 CT / 5:30 ET

Original compositions, mashups, medleys, arrangements, and so much more! The inspiration for Costumes in Concert is the make-believe that people of all ages engage in when they dress up. Students are invited to make their costume reflect the music and their music reflect the costume.

Winter Piano Games II


Flex your growing prowess in audiation and playing skills at this keyboard musicianship event. Music Moves for Piano students follow a well balanced audiation-based piano curriculum. The goal of this event is to give students an outlet to perform audiation, musicianship, and improvisation skills, learned in the Music Moves for Piano method, in a fun game format.

Arrange-Con IV

MAY 2023 TBA

The event that started it all! Arrange-Con is a celebration of creative arrangements. Using any combination of familiar musical snippets, folk melodies, classic piano repertoire, and Music Moves for Piano performance pieces, students create and perform their own arrangements. Participants enjoy hearing how a tune can be arranged in many different ways. The possibilities are endless!

Summer Stories III


Musical story telling is a favorite activity among our creative collective of teachers and students. This event is two-fold. Students can participate in one or both aspects of the event. Write an individual story (or tell a visual story with original artwork) and create the music to accompany the narration. Students also work together in small group workshops, before the recital begins, to create music for fables and short stories.