Welcome to 4 INSPIRATION!

Join us as we inspire one another, celebrate creativity, build community, and provide performance experiences for piano students of audiation.

We are a group of audiation-based piano teachers who started meeting regularly to discuss challenges and victories in our piano studios, using Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and the Music Moves for Piano method (Marilyn Lowe). We began holding virtual performances in the Spring of 2020 to celebrate and share the creative music making our students enjoy as part of their Music Moves for Piano lessons.


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Looking for an inspirational group of teachers?

The 4INSPIRATION team meets often. We improvise for and with each other, plan events, and discuss all thing Music Learning Theory and Music Moves for Piano.

Looking for an inspirational performance event?

Are you looking for an audiation-based playing event? 4INSPIRATION offers 4 annual playing events celebrating creativity, arranging, musical story-telling, and keyboard skills.

Hear more from our community.

Inside a Music Moves for Piano Lesson

My student (age 7) has been playing “Bluesy Blues” from Keyboard Games Books B (Marilyn Lowe) for a while and we found some very fun ways to improvise a duet arrangement today. We hope you enjoy!

The 8th GIML International Conference

We were delighted to be a part of a 1-hour virtual presentation at the Gordon Institute for Music Learning International Conference this year. Selections from Arrange-Con II were featured in the “MLT in the Piano World” session, along with some of our favorite Music Moves for Piano teachers, Marilyn Lowe, Janna Olson, and Krista Jadro.

“Improvise. Improvise. Improvise!”

Edwin E. Gordon